Document Shredding Service

Shred Paper Easily at Mailbox Planet

Safe and Secure Shredding

Mailbox Planet now offers convenient document shredding services. We are an authorized agent for Total Shredding. When you drop off your documents, we store them in locked secured bins. Documents are picked up and shredded on site regularly.

Benefits of Document Shredding

  • Protect yourself from identity theft
  • Too much to shred yourself? Allow us to handle it
  • Large quantities welcome
  • Safe and Secure
  • Only $1 per pound

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens to the paper after it has been shredded?

The destroyed documents, in the form of confetti-sized pieces, are transferred directly to a recycling facility. Once there, they return to the marketplace in the form of items such as recycled household paper products.

We have an in-house office shredder, so why would we use Mailbox Planet for shredding our documents?

It’s much more cost-effective to use our shredding services. Time is money, and the time your employees spend separating paper, removing paper clips and staples, and doing the actual shredding is time that could be spent on more profitable business pursuits. Installation of a shredder, as well as labor, maintenance and disposal costs are usually much higher than expected (not to mention the noise, mess and dust produced by an office shredder).

Is shredding my personal documents a good idea?

Absolutely. Identity theft is a major problem and finding information to take over your identity is usually as easy as looking in the recycling bin or garbage bin when you put it out for collection. Those pre-approved credit card applications are like gold to identity theives, allowing them quick access to start fraudulently using your identity to their benefit.