February 5, 2013

Best Service Ever!!!
This is one of the best businesses I’ve had the pleasure of dealing with – ever! Look how all the reviews give the place five-stars over the years. The reason for that is because the owner, Allen, has an amazing commitment to customer service. I first went here two years ago because I needed a mailbox for a few months while I relocated due to my job. But even after I found an apartment, I kept my "Mail Box Planet" mailbox. Why? Because it’s like having a full-time "mail guardian" taking good care of your stuff. When I get a package, I don’t worry that it will be left laying around the lobby in my apartment building, or sitting out in front of my door, where anyone passing by can just pick it up and steal it. Allen keeps your packages tucked away safely behind the counter at his store. He calls you as soon as it arrives and lets you know it’s there. This is really convenient if you travel out-of-town a lot, as I do. I’ve also heard that there are thieves who follow mail and FedEx-type delivery trucks around to steal packages left on doorsteps. Luckily I never have to worry about any of that thanks to Allen and Mail Box Planet. Plus, Allen is just a really nice guy – smart, friendly and extremely efficient. Bottom line: this is just a well-run, excellent business!